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[TCML] My first ballast results

Hello Tesla Coil Friends,
I have recently acquired a 2kva potential transformer and am eager to get
it powering my current setup (RIP NST).

For the ballast I opted for a 500ft spool of 12 awg stranded THHN. I then
used a signal generator and oscilloscope and calculated the inductance to
be 10.6 mH. The spool also measures .9 ohm of DC resistance. I did the math
and predicted 29.22 amps. I my jaw hit the floor when my measurements and
math proved to be spot on when I shorted out the PT!

However, I still need to reduce amp draw down to 22 amps (or a total of
around 14 mH of ballast), and I was thinking about using an additional
ballast in series with my 12 awg spool. Right now I am leaning to using the
(liberated from the tar) 15/30 NST core. I figure I can use the primary
windings only (omitting the secondary windings and the magnetic shunts).
But I am unsure about the aspect of core saturation...and if that occurs,
what will happen in terms of ballasting?

Maybe if I get crazy I will convert the aforementioned NST core setup into
a magamp! I am sure it will take some research, but I will need to figure
out how many turns will be needed on the control windings as well as
voltage and amperage. Heck, maybe I can just stick various sized magnets on
the core to achieve the right amperage!

Kansas City area
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