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Re: [TCML] First light

My design is very much inspired from your hvtesla-site, including the home
wound hv trannie. Lets not talk costs, my wife may be listening, but the
decision to go the home wound route was entirely because of difficulties to
obtain a pig in my country. The power distributors consider the used pigs as
an enviromental hazard and dont want to sell, at least not to me as I have
no contacts in that business. I had to by the transformer laminations from a
manufacturer in Germany as they were not stocked in my country. They had a
minimum order quantity of 180 kg, but in retrospect I am happy about that,
as I could build an overdesigned ballast from the left over laminations,
that proved to be impossible to saturate and has a surprisingly small inrush

I hope I will be able to charge the 300 nF MMC. I think the power supply
could be considered as a constant current source, because of the ballast. In
that case charging time would be t=C*U/I. The lowest ballast tap would
supply 10 amps at 400 V, that is 0,3 amps at 12 kV, and the highest 50 amps
or 1,7 amps at 12 kV. That would be charging times of 13 ms and 2,4 ms
respectively, corresponding to 760 rpm or 4 250 rpm on my ARSG. If my
calculations are correct, that is...

The Strauss coil is very impressive, as is yours. I would be very happy if
my coil was capable of something approaching these. 

Stockholm, Sweden


That is one very interesting coil with great potential. Nice to see a
robust rotary, but a I'm not too sure on the choice of MMC size though,
as you will never get a full charge into 300nF with an ARSG, or even
with an SRSG unless you connect to the grid direct :-). You may have
been better off going smaller and arranging things so you have a higher
voltage rating, this would also allow more turns on the primary. Some
people don't like  a low turns primary as they give more losses with the
increased current, but personally I don't mind the losses as it often
results in brighter streamers, rather than the weaker ones that a single
current starved NST tends to give. (10Kv max in the UK and 50mA

I don't know about costs in your country, but I found winding my own HV
tranny to be an expensive undertaking, and when a pig did come along the
cost was roughly the same. Although there is a satisfaction from winding
transformers and ballasts. 


P Strauss's coil, similar sized 


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