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[TCML] Pole pigs

Hello I’d like to start out by saying I am a journeyman IBEW electrician and work closely everyday with a crew of linemen. So I am well aware of safety issues and the dangers of distribution transformers. I have a distribution transformer I’m wanting to wire up and eventually use on my Tesla coil once the weather outside gets better. My question is exactly how to wire it up. It is a single bushing transformer so it has one high leg bushing H1 and the other end of the high side is bonded to the tank so the tank is H2. My plan is to feed it with 240v to both the low side inputs and just leave the neutral leg alone... one question though since the tank is H2 do I need to remove the bonding strap that bonds the tank case to the neutral? Also I plan on ballasting the transformer with a couple large choke transformers I got out of a 30kva battery backup system. 

Does it sound like I’m on the right track here or am I completely  wrong? I deal with this stuff everyday just not use to running something like this in reverse ya know just want to cover everything before I throw the switch.

Thank you!

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