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I also built a nice 3-phase DC resonant system some years ago, it can run up to 12kW. Spark gap is driven by a DC motor, speed is controlled by variac from 0 - 6000rpm, which is 0-600 bps. The only thing which is still not built is the secondary coil... Got a little bit lazy the last years. Maybe I finish this project in the future, when I got retired :-) Here are 2 videos where I test the system with a halogen bulb dummyload instead of primary coil.



Am 06.12.2018 um 05:13 schrieb Greg Peters:
Thanks Jan,

Yes it's a very nicely behaved coil. The 3 phase DC supply lets me get
multiple kW without upsetting the neighbours too much due to dimming lights
or surging, and the MOTs aren't overstressed much. I find it much more
user-friendly than my pig-powered single phase coil.

I have more info on my blog at www.gregsstuff.com if you're interested.

My VFD is similarly protected to yours, normally it runs fine but for some
reason it was playing up that night. I think I need to get it into a
grounded box. To be honest I normally run it at 50Hz anyway so I may just
hard wire it at some point.

Can I see your coil somewhere?



On Thu., 6 Dec. 2018, 10:41 am Jan Ohlsson <jan@xxxxxxxx wrote:

That is very impressive for a mot coil!

I use a vfd also on my coil. The motor is grounded to mains ground, the
cable is shielded.

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