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Re: [TCML] What to call "sparks"?

Em 25/08/2018 15:13, doug escreveu:
while we are on the subject of Sparks, I have a question using my VDG's as an example. The pickups on most VDG's sit slightly away from the belt and in dim light one can see sparks going off the belt to the pickups. Am I wrong in believing that some energy gets dissipated as the sparks cross to the pickup from the belt? On my VDG's I use conductive poly film resting on the belt for the pickups and it works very well. Doug
Certainly there is energy loss in the corona. There is a drop of at least several hundreds of volts between the belt and the pickups. With microamperes of current a few miliwatts can be wasted (1000 V at 10 uA = 10 mW). Brushes touching the belt waste less power.

Antonio Carlos M. de Queiroz

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