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Re: [TCML] Javatc 13.3

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On 8/25/2018 2:48 PM, Bart Anderson wrote:

There has been a recent update for Javatc

Matt Lewis wrote a script or two to help him save a design to his hard drive and then load it.. He later shared it with me. I have now included that for Javatc.

How it works:

1) load a demo coil OR just type in your coil parameters into the input boxes like normal.

2) Run Javatc to calc the form.

3) go down near the bottom where the "Format Design As Text" and "Make Load  File" buttons are...

4) click on "Make Load File" ----> this will save the load file to your hard drive wherever your browsers default save folder is located (we cannot force a Save As dialog in javascript, sorry)...

5) now that the file is saved, you can upload it...

6) if you want to upload that file (or any others you have saved), click on "Load Saved Coil" at the top right of the form.

7) "Load Saved File" button will open a browser dialog where you can simply browse to the file and select it for uploading...

8) once the file is selected and uploaded, you can run the data....

There is no limit to what you can save and upload. It's all on the "client side" (your side on your hard drive)

Of course you can rename the files that you save to whatever you desire and you can move them to whatever folder you desire...

I want to thank Matt Lewis for making this happen. We got together Friday night and Saturday morning and now it should be working. There could be bugs but I think we killed most of the bugs.

Anyway, just thought it would be good to let TCML know about that change... At some point I'll do the same for Javatc3D. Maybe next weekend.

Mr. B

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