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[TCML] Max Voltage Gain In a Tertiary Coil

When thinking about a 3 coil system, where the third coil is free to
resonate, what is the best way to maximize the voltage gain?

If we follow the Colorado Springs oscillator, we would use coils with an
aspect ratio of 1:1 with a large space between the winding. IIRC the space
winding Tesla did was to reduce inter-turn arcing (due to the poor
insulation qualities of the gutta-percha insulation), as well as an attempt
to reduce the self capacitance of the coil.

So as best I can theorize, you should:
-Identify what inductance and top load you need to achieve the desired

-minimize the self capacitance of the coil
-minimize the DC ohms of the coil

So to that end, are they any easy to use and accurate calculators that are
available? JavaTC I believe is accurate, but the user interface is lacking
and not really easy to make these changes to aspect ratio, wire diameter,
and spacing easy or quick. DeepFriedNeon is great, but I am unsure of its

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