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[TCML] Breaking the list silence

Well the list has been quiet lately, so I will break the silence!

I finally got my second TC up and running and getting some decent sparks. I
still need to do quite a bit of optimizing, but seeing 4 foot sparks,
smelling ozone, and hearing the crackle is a welcome change in my garage.
Video here: https://youtu.be/QvIcqximr_A

Right now the coil is running on a 15/60 and a 15/30 NSTs in parallel. I
have anther 15/30 that I want to add to the mix, but I am concerned about
amp draw. My needle is swinging past 20amps now (breaker did not trip), but
20a is a lot for a standard outlet. I need some PFC caps. Where is the best
place to get them?

I do have 240VAC in my garage, and I also seem to recall on old post by
Richard Quick stating you could run NST's from 240VAC if you put their
primaries in series. I am guessing this is great if you have two identical
NSTs. I wonder if it is possible to do this in a series/parallel gang for
my 15/60 and 15/30's (where it is 60ma on each hot side)?

Kansas City area
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