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[TCML] Transformer nomenclature/abbreviations


I picked up a relatively high voltage transformer at a Hamfest recently. It is a sealed unit, gray painted steel housing, leading me to think it is military spec.
There are some abbreviations shown on the transformer schematic that are not clear to me.

It has a tapped primary for 105, 115, and 125 volts. But also shown is "535PWV".

And three center-tapped secondaries:

  1.  1130 V RMS, .150 AMP DC, PWV 1070
  2.  1190 RMS, .025 AMP DC, PWV 1070
  3.  412 V RMS, .500 AMP DC, PWV 715

What does PWV stand for? "Peak Working Voltage" does not seem to be appropriate, particularly on the primary.

And it appears the transformer is deigned for full-wave rectifier circuits using the secondary center taps and the DC AMP rating are maximum that should be drawn through the rectifiers. Does that sound reasonable?

Transformer made by "Chicago Standard Transformer Corp, Chicago, IL. Numbers on case are "TF1RX03YY", 672-1049-00, and CSTC 28447.

I did not have any success doing on-line searches looking for "PWV".


Ron Reeland

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