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Re: [TCML] Tesla Current Draw

Thanks Ian for your reply!  What you say is encouraging to hear. If you
don't mind, I have one more question...

Java TC indicates, for my 15/135 NST, that Resonant Cap Size would be
0.0239uF.  I understand that bad things happen when using resonant cap
size.  So I'm trying to decide on whether to use a 0.03uF cap or a .015uF.
I've got one of each.  The .03 cap is pretty close to the indicated .0358
LTR Cap Size for a static gap.  On the other hand if I plug the .015 cap
into Java TC, it shows a dramatically greater rate of Breaks Per Second and
possibly a few more inches of spark length.  My question is is there any
potential problem with resonant rise with the .015 cap.  I.e., is the .015
cap value far enough from the resonant cap size to be safe?

Thanks again for your help, Dennis

On Thu, Dec 21, 2017 at 11:55 PM, Ian McLean <austesla@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Hi Dennis,
> If you have proper RCD¹s installed, it is unlikely you will trip a 15A
> circuit with 18A at least for the sort of runs lengths you do on a Tesla
> coil.
> I regularly ruin my tube coil at between 30A-40A from a wall socket.  The
> RCD is only 20A, but it has never tripped even with a 2 minute run.
> Cheers,
> Ian
> On 22/12/17, 2:40 pm, "Tesla on behalf of dennis otmaskin"
> <tesla-bounces@xxxxxxxxxx on behalf of dotmaskin@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >Hi I'm hoping someone from the list can offer advice some advice and
> >suggestions.  I am replacing the 15/60 NST on my current static gap coil
> >with a de-potted NST with some shunts removed so that it puts out 15000v @
> >135mA.
> >
> >Running different designs on Javascript Coil Designer, I'm finding that
> >the
> >Effective Input Current (current draw?) runs over 18 rms amps. My wall
> >outlets in the garage are all 15 amp.  So if I'm understanding this
> >correctly, it looks like I would be constantly tripping the circuit
> >breaker
> >when running the coil at full variac voltage.  I've run different cap
> >sizes
> >through Java TC but cant seem to get around the 18 amp draw.
> >
> >To get the current draw to just below 15 amps, I would have to dial the
> >variac down to 106 volts which would reduce the spark length
> >substantially.  I'm thinking that I am pretty much stuck with a systems
> >that is limited to 106 volt input.  Do you think this is the case?  I'm
> >hoping that I don't have to rewire my garage outlets for 20 amps just for
> >my coil.  Any suggestions would be most appreciated.
> >
> >Thanks, Dennis
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