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[TCML] First Tesla Coil

Hi all

I am (still) busy designing my first Tesla Coil.
I have found a reasonable 9kV 60mA NST for 195 eur. Is this reasonable for a first build?
Or is it way too much to begin with?
I have been sent this website for designing my MMC. Bart Anderson uses 150uf 2kV caps.
How exactly is the capacity of a cap chosen? Are there formulas to calculate the total capacitance of your MMC? If so it does depend on the amount of strings you use right?
 (The one that in my mind were reasonable were hese: https://nl.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Cornell-Dubilier-CDE/940C20P15K-F/?qs=11kF6y5Z3OhbthK%252bpYczHA%3D%3D)

Also how is the resonant frequency between the two circuits calculated? I have also heard about tapping your primary coil, (much like finding the frequency with an old radio right?) does anyone have a description of how this process is done? About the spark gap. As someone on this list luckily pointed me out placing the spark gap too wide can cause your NST to overvolt and die. How do you decide the starting width of the spark gap? (Do you gradually increase it or leave it at a certain length?)
I recently came across a static spark gap which where multiple ones across copper tubes. Is this advisable for a beginner?

The PVC pipe I have already bought is 11,5 cm in diameter. Therefore it's length should be around 58 cm right?

I really care about the state of the components and do not want them to be harmed? Therefore a Terry-Filter is necessary right?

P.S. Are these questions normal for someone starting?
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