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Re: [TCML] Javatc questions, and primary to secondary coupling, etc


Regarding question #2, I would start with your 8 support pieces before grooving them.  Clamp them together after offsetting each one successively by 1/8 of the pitch between windings.  If properly arranged, then the edge of the stack will have a stairstep appearance.  Then you can cut the channels for the primary windings straight across with a table saw or milling machine, depending on the capabilities of your machine shop.

According to the proposed pitch of your primary windings, each support should be offset 1/16" from its predecessor.

About question #3, it doesn't matter if the primary and secondary windings are wound in the same direction.

On 8/27/2017 1:19 PM, Brian Hall wrote:
2) Is there a template or guide to making 8 radial spiral supports for 1/4" copper tubing spaced 1/4" apart, so as I wind the tubing around the notches will line up with the spiral?

3) Should the spiral direction of the primary match the spiral direction of the secondary?  For example, when I look down on my secondary from above, as it will be when it's placed the finished design, the coil is wound counterclockwise from top to bottom, spiraling to the left.  Given that, in what direction should I wind the primary, starting from the inside turn ?

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