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Re: [TCML] Toroid height


I don't see any real advantage to raising the toroid.  You might
gain 1 or 2" of spark, not worth the trouble I think.  In cases
where there are too many strikes to the strike rail or ground,
then people often raise the toroid.  Some people like to see
a lot of strikes to the strike rail and ground because the
sparks brighten up a lot when that occurs.  A solution to
any corona problem when a toroid is raised is to install
a secondary smaller toroid below the main toroid.  That
also has the advantage of increasing the overall toroid
capacitance, but any advantage is relatively minor.    

John Freau

      From: Steve White <steve.white1@xxxxxxxxx>
 To: Tesla Coil List <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> 
 Sent: Friday, August 25, 2017 12:11 AM
 Subject: [TCML] Toroid height
On my 8.6" coil I currently have the bottom of my 9" x 30" toroid mounted 2.3" above the top of the secondary winding. I seem to be getting good performance with at least 7 foot streamers from a 4800 KVA pole pig and ballast. I see no discernible corona at the top of the secondary. Would there be any advantage to mounting the toroid higher?

Steve White

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