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To balance things out after posting Phillip's new 12 inch coil the other day, he is my own coil which was filmed at the same venue. Although not quite matching the 12 inch in general performance, it threw out some remarkably long streamers for an 8 inch coil. (Power supply and settings were identical to the 12 inch and both used the same toroid)
YouTube Link 8 Inch:


(The 12 inch referred to is at https://youtu.be/d9cCM18KzLM )

Regards Phil www.hvtesla.com

On 15/08/17 07:06, phil wrote:

In these days of increasing use of solid state musical coils, with the 'old sparkers' often only being encountered as 'newbie' coils, it's nice to know they can still perform well.


Regards Phil www.hvtesla.com
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