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Re: [TCML] javatc question

Steve and all,

Regarding unused turns - remember that, if you happen to actively use a comparatively small number of the total available primary turns, the unused turns behave as an autotransformer. I once ran into a problem where the outermost primary turn began loudly arcing to the grounded strike rail from abnormally high voltages at the far end of the primary.


paul wrote:

Steve White wrote:

Question 1: ... Radius 2 (HV End)

I had a quick look in JavaTC and it appears that the tapping
point and the hot end (Radius2, Height2) of the primary are
one and the same.    The current version of JavaTC is using a
slightly old version of the physics engine GeoTC to do its coil
calculations.   The latest GeoTC takes account of the unused
(beyond the tap) outer turns of the primary and therefore has
separate parameters for overall turns and tapping point.

The unused outer turns of the primary don't affect the primary
inductance, but do contribute constraints and sources to the
electrostatic field and therefore can affect resonant frequency
and coupling.   The effect is small and the sign would depend
on relative winding direction of primary and secondary coils.

Bart Anderson wrote and maintains JavaTC.  Perhaps he decided
that the effect of the unused turns is so small that it is not
worth the extra complication to the input form to specify
overall turns and winding directions.

Question 2: How does the "Edit" button work in the toroid
topload section?

When you've added one or more toroids, they are listed on the right
as #1, #2, #3 and so on.   To change a setting, click on the toroid
in the list and its dimensions are displayed in the input fields
on the left of the form.  Change these fields and click 'Edit' to
update the new values into the list of toroids.

Paul Nicholson
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