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[TCML] javatc question

I am really impressed with the accuracy and comprehensiveness of javatc. Even though some figures are provided which explain most of the parameters, some are still confusing. I have figured out what most of the parameters mean by experimentation and deduction but I still have a few questions.

Question 1: Under the primary coil parameters, what does "Radius 2 (HV End)" mean? Does it mean the radius of the primary at the very end of the outer coil with all turns present without tap? Or does it mean the radius of the end of the final turn at the tapped position, excluding the outer untapped turns? I notice that javatc changes this value from my entry after I do an autotune.

Question 2: How does the "Edit" button work in the toroid topload section? I keep selecting this button trying to edit an existing entry but it does not seem to do anything.
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