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_RSG Casing_

It's unfortunate but RSG motors can and do get struck (got the T-shirt, may even have 2 of them, I can't remember now) and in the case of an SRSG all the work of making it synchronous is wasted. If purchasing a brand new motor to modify it's best to get an 'Ebay special' - or a common model, as often the rotor, the part that is machined, would be left undamaged after a strike and could be put into an identical model's case, such are today's production standards.

Making the case RF or mains supply earthed will just attract streamers, and as the internal windings are only usually separated from the casing by minimal 120v / 240v insulation, the risk is high. Plus every metal object in the vicinity is bathed in RF which could feed back into the supply if a supply earth is connected to case.


Get hold of some rigid metal mesh. Have a look at Derek's video of mine at https://youtu.be/XvGDadYihg0

Right at the very beginning before the lights go out you can clearly see the counterpoise around the coil, with some more spare mesh stacked against the rear wall. Previous to this I had burn marks on the floor.

Regards Phil www.hvtesla.com

On 12/08/17 01:02, Steve White wrote:
Good thoughts. Today I disconnected the RF ground from the RSG motor housing because of the concerns that I had about imperfect RF grounds. I will also build a RF grounded "target" near the motor as you suggest. Another thing I have done is to wire a MOV in parallel with the 120 volt RSG power line. The MOV is located back in the control cabinet. A streamer somehow coupling into the 120 volt RSG power line may blow the MOV which is good. If the MOV fails as a short then it will trip the 15 amp circuit breaker in the RSG control module in the power cabinet. I have gone back and forth on whether to use MOVs or not because they are really only for short duration occasional power line spikes. I also have some really beefy MOVs on the 240 volt mains line coming into the control cabinet as a last resort if EMI filtering is ineffective.


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