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Re: [TCML] Pulse Capacitors


Which cap are you looking at, specifically?

Most of the time, a higher voltage rated cap is generally better than a lower rated one, at the cost of being more expensive.

However, many of the Maxwell pulse caps are rated for only one pulse per second. Others are not designed for big voltage reversals. Caps for TC applications have to be designed for high pulse rates and complete voltage reversals. If used inappropriately, the expensive caps will fail rapidly.

Only a limited number of Maxwell cap product lines are suitable as TC tank caps. There have been discussions on this list of which Maxwell model numbers are suitable, and which are not. Perhaps a search of the Pupman archives will help, or perhaps someone else has the list of good candidates at hand.


On 10/20/2015 4:39 PM, Tim Flood wrote:
I need a .08uF, 60kV cap for a new PT powered TC. There is a pulse cap on
Ebay, but rated at 100kV. Does anyone see any problems with the higher than
needed voltage rating?

Thank you,

Tim Flood

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