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Re: [TCML] just wondering...

Mostly as a high voltage supply, but also to possibly make a temporary
Jacob's ladder to go with my tesla coil demo this Halloween.  Tried doing
the 12V with driver thing, using
g Coil, and
g 2-transistor driver,
Switching at about 400 hz, but sparks were dismal at best.

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> AS a TC? or as a HV AC supply to make sparks?  As a kid, I ran a 12V
> filament transformer into a auto coil to make sparks. Just running it
> as a continuous transformer isn't all that exciting: typical auto
> transformer is 100:1 turns ratio, so you're getting 1200V out. However,
> with a breaker arrangement (or, as it happens a door buzzer serving as
> an interrupter), you get the inductive kick, and can get fairly decent
> sparks, particularly in a needle gap.

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