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Re: [TCML] just wondering...

On 10/20/15 5:13 AM, Reverend Fuzzy wrote:
I've been seeing several instances of people using a capacitor and light
dimmer to run an automotive ignition coil on 120 VAC ... but has anyone been
successful at running an ignition coil from a 12 VAC transformer and ballast

AS a TC? or as a HV AC supply to make sparks? As a kid, I ran a 12V filament transformer into a auto coil to make sparks. Just running it as a continuous transformer isn't all that exciting: typical auto transformer is 100:1 turns ratio, so you're getting 1200V out. However, with a breaker arrangement (or, as it happens a door buzzer serving as an interrupter), you get the inductive kick, and can get fairly decent sparks, particularly in a needle gap.

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