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Re: [TCML] Help the neophyte

Hi Doug,
Chances are if you are looking at the available newer style NSTs , they are of the GFI'd inverter type and are pretty much useless for powering a spark gap driven Tesla coil. What you should do is either as you suggest, see if someone on this list has an extra old-style IRON CORED and non-GFI'd  NST that they would be willing to sell you, or else search for one on eBay. These old style, non-GFI iron cored beauties are now obsolete in the gas tube discharge industry and have all pretty much been replaced with the GFI protected inverter style units, which as I said, are useless for Tesla coils. You may also run into some of the intermediate iron cored units that had a GFI built in. Unfortunately, these are also useless for Tesla coil driving, unless you can figure out how to surgically remove the GFI circuit from its innards. All of this means that the old-style, non-GFI, iron cored units are becoming harder to find and consequently, due to the still high demand for them amongst the Tesla coil / high voltage hobbyists, their cost has also gone up significantly in the last few years.
Yes, as you are discovering, this hobby is addictive and will cause you to spend a lot of money that will sometimes get you into hot water with the significant other - ask me how I know this ;^) If the spouse will allow you you continue to fall head over heels into this little hobby of yours, I so happen to have a few extra of those "big grey things" that you have spotted on that pole in your yard that I could possibly be talked into selling one of, if you were so predisposed to make the shipping or transport arrangements. ;^))

     On Tuesday, May 26, 2015 9:11 AM, Doug <doug11642@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

 Hi Guys, I am in need of some advice. I wish to acquire a NST in the 
range of 10KV-30MA, but as I shop I see [current limited] or [adjusts 
from 9KV to 12KV automatically] ETC.ETC.ETC! I do not know how all these 
parameters apply to what I should purchase! Can someone give me some 
guidance, please? OR, if anyone has one they wish to sell let me know.
  Another question, lets say I have 2 capacitors, Cap#1 is 10nf-10KV, 
Cap #2 is 10nf-30KV, and my NST is rather small, lets say 6KV-30MA, is 
there a difference in the ability of my NST to charge them?
    I realize all this must be BASIC knowledge to most of you, but I am 
nowhere near the [basic knowledge] stage yet!
    This TC thing is very addictive! There is this big grey thing on a 
pole in my yard I have my eye on.:-D [That':-D s a joke]
Doug J
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