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Hi Guys, I am in need of some advice. I wish to acquire a NST in the range of 10KV-30MA, but as I shop I see [current limited] or [adjusts from 9KV to 12KV automatically] ETC.ETC.ETC! I do not know how all these parameters apply to what I should purchase! Can someone give me some guidance, please? OR, if anyone has one they wish to sell let me know. Another question, lets say I have 2 capacitors, Cap#1 is 10nf-10KV, Cap #2 is 10nf-30KV, and my NST is rather small, lets say 6KV-30MA, is there a difference in the ability of my NST to charge them? I realize all this must be BASIC knowledge to most of you, but I am nowhere near the [basic knowledge] stage yet! This TC thing is very addictive! There is this big grey thing on a pole in my yard I have my eye on.:-D [That':-D s a joke]
Doug J
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