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Re: [TCML] 55 deg. primary

Hi Doug
I use, suggest the well proven 942C20P15K (.150uF, 2kV) caps. As (almost) everybody. With bleeders, for safety.
Go to Barton B. Andersons homepage, there you find the MMC DESIGN CHART , beside that, all, complete information to understand and build perfect functioning TC systems. There are many super experts homepages, as Richie Burnet, Gary Lau, Antonio de Queiroz, Paul Nicholsson, Terry Fritz etc., etc., just to name a few ...  Doug, sorry, I am not a computer men, I don't knew how to post a complete list of all links to find these so informative homepages. Can somebody perhaps post such a list -?  Kurt Schraner, or Gary Lau my "old" mentors?  Doug, don't ignore a Terry Fritz filter, this should protect your NST, hopefully you find one with higher voltage.
Best regards,  Fritz aficionado of long sparks.
Ps: Kurt Schraners Black and white coil is revived again, I throw down the gauntlet, look forward for a spectacular "fight", a triathlon between the 3 coils, the Black and White, the Sirius and the Xanthippe ... Meltdown for Sirius and Xanthippe ...?

<<Hi Fritz; I did not disregard your advice for a larger toroid, I have been trying to come up with something. I do have a nice 8" with a 2" 
ring toroid that I will try, might be a little big tho!
What I need now is a capacitor as one of my 2 [102mX30kv] doorknobs failed, I think I should have put some resistors in the mix.
What do you think about maybe 5 of my 1.5 mfd X 2kv caps in series, I have 15 of them!
Thanks Fritz, most advice is warmly accepted, but I am not sure about the guy that wants me to see if I can blow up my Caps to see if they will hold up!:-) Doug>>

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