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Re: [TCML] Safety gap question

On 2015-05-08 06:16, Kerry Soileau wrote:
Hey guys. I got my parts in yesterday. 5 days early! Spent 6 hours
winding a 3"x 22" coil on a microwave turn table motor.....never again

Sounds like you need to build a CNC coil winder


Took me 75 minutes to wind a 4.5" coil, and that time was spent watching the machine do the hard work.

Of course it took me much longer to design and build the winder, but that was interesting work. Anyway my design files are all open source, so if you have access to some tools, you should be able to build one.

I would say if I were to redesign this I would have put in a much stiffer guide rail for the wire guide carriage to slide across, but otherwise it worked well.

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