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Re: [TCML] Looking for suggestions on tuning.

To me, the spark length seems about right considering the capacitance
and the toroid size.  In general, 120 bps operation requires large capacitors 
for long sparks, and also spark lengths tend to be limited to about
3.5 to 4X the toroid diameter.  If you want a lot of power throughput,
you need large capacitors and a large toroid.  For example if you
want a 10 foot spark length, then a 30" toroid might be large enough,
and you'll need 4 times more capacitance than you are using now.

Of course if you do that, then the primary and secondary will likely be
too small and will likely arc-over and burn up from racing sparks.  

You coil is running nicely though... very smooth.  I assume you
optimized the phasing of the rotary at full power for best spark length.





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Tesla coil: http://youtu.be/R3cwkj1ms8c. This is a video,  it's a
secondary with 26 awg wire, primary has 12 turns 5/16" apart,  1800
synchronous spark gap , fires twice per revolution,  mmc bank
942C20P15K-F .15mfd 2000v DC caps, 11 in series,  two sets in
14.4kv 15kva transformer, two bushing,  using a 225 arc welder to
current,  a 60 amp variable transformer control. It makes 4.5' to 5'
at best, Any suggestions will be appreciated ,

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