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Re: [TCML] 6" Coil Sparks too short

I cut the previous posts off, hope you don't mind.
Your motor name plate indicates 1780 rpm?
Then it is an 1800 motor with a "slip factor" counted.

If it were me, I would have the rotor machined with flats on two sides to "lock" the motor to 1800 rpm and run a synchronous gap. I have heard this can be accomplished with a side grinder.

Now you can build a phase adjuster with a small variac and an experimentally valued capacitor.

I built my phase adjuster with a 400 hz variac because i had one, and it works just fine.

The main problem that I have had with the synchronous gap is blowing up capacitors,
and almost destroying my nst because I ran it exactly at resonance.

Live and learn

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