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Re: [TCML] Advice on 150 kVA SGTC

On 1/11/15 12:01 PM, loneoceans wrote:
I would think one possible way would be to simply rent a commercial towable
power generator. They're about the size of a small van, can output 200kW or
so and are very frequently used in off-site building construction projects.
Something like that:

About $300-400/day rental.. $1k/week. You could probably rent it for a weekend for the 1 day rate.. they might just go by the Hobbs meter time to set the rental fee.

Ouch, but I guess, comparable to:

Dinner for 4 in a fairly nice restaurant.

1 day's stay in Washington DC on a business trip

A weekend holiday for 2.

Renting a 30-40 foot sailboat for a day or two.

High power rocketry runs easily $1000/weekend, depending on how many launches

Competing in a horse show  is in that range..

Not something where I'd want to do that every weekend while tuning it up.

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