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[TCML] Advice on 150 kVA SGTC

Wow! 150 kVA SGTC? I have already been somewhat following the previous dialogue on this, but I have to ask, where are you getting the electrical service to run such a beast? I'm assuming that you must have access to commercial 3-phase electric service to be able to feed such a behemoth of a TC. I have designed a special circuit to provide up to 100 amps, 240 VAC (U.S.) from my single phase residential service, but your proposed coil power level is 6X what I can accommodate with my service! As a matter of fact, I, along with about 3 (or possibly 4) neighbors in my suburban enevironment, share a single 50 kVA rated padmount x-former for our single phase residential electrical service. Although a 50 kVA utility distribution x-former could probably temporarily sustain a 150 kVA load, I seriously doubt if my "neighbors", who share that transformer for their electrical service with me, would be too pleased if I were to impart that kind of a load on it, as it
 would certainly brown out their electrical service. ;^o

David Rieben
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