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[TCML] 30 volt, 10 amp power supply

Hi Tedd,

I believe this is the closest match to my power supply, which I'm  sure is a linear unit, as opposed to a switching unit, due to its beefiness (15 lbs). 


(eBay Item#: 390658968353, in case the link gets jacked up ;^) Thanks for the tip, Rev Fuzzy.

Just eBay search "variable dc power supply 10a" and you'll get quite a plethora of available units. I personally wanted the linear, as opposed to switching,
power supply. Heavier but better, as there are limitations to the usage of switching PS's that aren't an issue with linear units. Just like the picture unit, mine has the LED display, as opposed to LCD, and I have not noticed any "cutting out" that Guangyan noted in his Youtube analysis of his switching unit. 

David Rieben
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