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Re: [TCML] electronic ignition modules

On 1/5/15 4:57 PM, Ed Phillips wrote:
Somewhere I have the schematic of a free-running driver I made for what
I think is the same coil.  Can put out 3"+ sparks when potted in oil.
Are you interested in that?  If so I'll TRY to find it but no guarantee.

Initially, I want something that can be synchronized to an external source: essentially to replace a rotary gap

How fast do you plan to trigger?
120 hz to start.. then potentially up to 400 Hz or so, in a DC coil.

I've got some older designs using things like 2N3055 inverters to make 300-400V and a SCR for triggering (the old Delta Mark V CDI, for instance). And I've got the old Motorola electronic ignition IC and some of the avalanche transistors it was designed for that I got as samples 30 years ago.

But I want to make something that can be readily duplicated by someone tomorrow with parts available off the shelf.

E.g. arduino generating pulses to a off the shelf ignition module.
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