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[TCML] electronic ignition modules

I'm working on a new triggered spark gap design, and I'm looking for an off the shelf "ignition module" that takes either the magnetic pulse, optical, or conventional points and generates the HV pulse into the coil.

Typically, these things have a HV transistor designed for the application that can take the several hundred volts when the "points" open, or have a capacitive discharge scheme with an inverter and something like an SCR to trigger.

There's the MSD type CD ignitions, but they're a bit pricey, and the whole "multi spark" isn't what I'm looking for.

I figure there must be some thing like a HEI ignition amplifier or similar that can be repurposed.

I'm looking for off the shelf, can order it from the local auto parts store or online (as opposed to scrounging in the junkyard)..

Also, has anyone fooled with the new "coil on plug" things.. That might make a nice package with the spark gap. The design I've been using uses a standard coil in a can (Wells something or other) that runs about $15-20.

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