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Re: [TCML] Rescuing and loosing 2 Kinraide Coils and 16-plate Static Machine...

Yes, I realize this gap would best work for DC coils with lower potentials.
But Kinraide's is still a good gap design. Tesla realized the importance of
the gap and its role in delivering a sharp and short pulse with low

A lot of focus in coil design is given to high power, and tight resonance
but the quality of the pulse is an important parameter that cannot be
neglected. Designing the coil around the gap could provide a better overall
coil design.

Is there much pitting of the plates when the Kinraide gap is operated
perfectly parallel? I think you mentioned that two aluminum plates
deteriorated rapidly?

How about dissimilar metals, such as copper and iron, to enhance the
Peltier effect? When I think about it, the water in the copper jug could be
inefficiently providing the dissimilar metal for the Peltier effect.


On Wed, Jun 25, 2014 at 10:46 AM, Jeff Behary <jeff_behary@xxxxxxxxxxx>

>  I should probably say this gap is worthless for 95% of Tesla Coils.
> It works well on a very limited range of parameters and varies from poor
> to nonfuctional on others.
> Lets say from 700 - 2000V and 1/4 - 1 microfarad cap.  Outside of that it
> becomes fairly useless, and even under those conditions a tungsten gap with
> large diameter flat surfaces works better.  The original Kinraide Coil I
> restored makes flaming arcs at only 1/4 KW with a (good) tungsten gap.
>  If I could ever get a 12 x 12 plate of tungsten sheet I would replicate
> Kinraides gap with that, but $$$$$$...
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