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Re: [TCML] Some geeky museum videos...HD...artifacts

Jeff, your site is a treasure as always. I hope someday you'll compile those book images into downloadable PDFs... reading them "as is" is very difficult.

It's hard to comment on the Rollins stuff since I haven't read it yet, but this stuck out at me:

On Sat, 21 Jun 2014, Jeff Behary wrote:
The vacuum appears (and truly becomes) harder, the
fluorescence of the glass shows this, and X-Ray output decreases until the voltage on the coil is increased to keep the ray production constant.  Its
especially strange to see an actual puncture in the tube and the same effect...  If I didn't witness this with my own eyes I wouldn't believe it.  Once
the power is turned off though the tubes fracture or implode.  And if the spark gap misfires or the circuit is interrupted in any way you have a
catastrophic failure.  This experiment puts you at serious risk in many ways, really not smart.

So you are saying you've seen the electricity maintain a vacuum despite a puncture in the tube, like Tesla reported? Remarkable.
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