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Re: [TCML] wireless tuned lamps

Simply  use the "food service" coated fluorescent tubes---they are coated with a teflon/plastic material bonded to the glass that prevents the glass from being exposed in case of breakage.  It will not inhibit the action---just prevent injury.

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>My only thought is that thin glass tubes are not that strong for lateral
>stress and if you put a big mass at the end of a long one, someone waving it
>around might cause it to break.
>The fracture will be at the point of greatest stress - IE: where their hands
>are holding it as they wave it around. I doubt that plastic wrap would stop
>shards of glass from causing a wound.
>And they will wave it around despite what you tell them.
>I would 'guesstimate' the weight of the resonant circuit and put the same
>mass on the end of a tube and try it yourself (attired with requisite safety
>Besides, where is your voltage gradient? Your resonant circuit will have two
>poles. Are you planning to run a shielded line down the tube and connect it
>to the other end of the tube?
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>> I'll be sure to wrap those tubes so they are mechanically sound.
>> However the idea I need advice on is taking a couple hundred feet of
>> copper magnet wire like the kind you wind on a secondary, and 
>> coiling it
>> up onto a form that sits at one end of a fluorescent tube. 
>> Add a tuning
>> capacitor in parallel to make a tank circuit and using that as an
>> antenna to extend the range of the wireless light effect. It's like a
>> crystal radio circuit but it is there to only receive power and no
>> signal. The winding and capacitor would be visible and part 
>> of the cool
>> retro look.
>> Any thoughts on that?
>> On 14-06-05 11:50 AM, Terry L wrote:
>> > Hi Dave,
>> > 
>> >  Not sure if your receiver idea is practical.  However, I do suggest
>> > that you wrap the hand held fluorescent tubes in clear plastic food
>> > wrap.  This way if they are accidentally dropped the breakage may be
>> > contained.  I do this at Burning Man shows. Just my opinion.
>> > 
>> > Terry Leonard
>> > 
>> > On 6/4/2014 7:46 AM, David Boyle wrote:
>> >> I'd like to make a bunch of 3 foot fluorescent tubes for 
>> my upcoming
>> >> high voltage show at the Ontario Science Center. The idea 
>> is to hand out
>> >> 6 or 7 of these into the audience then turn on the coil 
>> with just a very
>> >> small amount of current from the main variac. So without 
>> any visible
>> >> plasma discharge from the toroid, the lamps light up in 
>> the crowd and
>> >> boosts their anticipation.
>> >>
>> >> I'd like to extend the range of these lamps and I thought 
>> of putting a
>> >> tuned receiver onto their ends.
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