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Re: [TCML] wireless tuned lamps


I think you missed the point. The tubes light up without adding any specific external tuning components. If you want to add external steampunk genre components for visual effect, that's fine, but they won't improve or modify the function of the tubes catching the radiated RF energy.

I don't think you would be able to successfully add tuned components that would make the tube dim or go dark. The physics of the absorption of the radiated energy are pretty squirrely with the interaction of the electrical properties of human holding the tube interacting with the properties of the ionized conductive gas column inside the tube. Even if you short the ends of the tube, I'd bet that it would still light up, at least in the middle.

(Another) Dave

On 6/5/2014 2:15 PM, David Boyle wrote:
I'll be sure to wrap those tubes so they are mechanically sound.

However the idea I need advice on is taking a couple hundred feet of
copper magnet wire like the kind you wind on a secondary, and coiling it
up onto a form that sits at one end of a fluorescent tube. Add a tuning
capacitor in parallel to make a tank circuit and using that as an
antenna to extend the range of the wireless light effect. It's like a
crystal radio circuit but it is there to only receive power and no
signal. The winding and capacitor would be visible and part of the cool
retro look.

Any thoughts on that?

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