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Re: [TCML] wireless tuned lamps

We have eight foot fluorescents that the audience members hold about 15 feet from the coil in our shows. The TC is about 2KW. They light up to moderate brightness. The max range is about 25 feet or so.

No matter what you use, put one of those clear plastic shields around it and tape it in place in case someone drops one. It helps to put a turn of 2" wide aluminum tape around one end connected to the pins so the person holding it acts as a counterpoise of sorts. You can put Al tape on both ends and see how long a chain you can make.

We maintain enough distance so that nobody can swing his tube forward and get zapped.


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I'd like to make a bunch of 3 foot fluorescent tubes for my upcoming
high voltage show at the Ontario Science Center. The idea is to hand out
6 or 7 of these into the audience then turn on the coil with just a very
small amount of current from the main variac. So without any visible
plasma discharge from the toroid, the lamps light up in the crowd and
boosts their anticipation.

I'd like to extend the range of these lamps and I thought of putting a
tuned receiver onto their ends. This would be a layer of copper wire and
a variable capacitor in a tank circuit. Each audience member could tune
their lamp to dim it when it got too bright. The copper winding and the
design would be in a retro style from Tesla's era. Any opinions?

Dave Boyle
Tesla Firma
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