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[TCML] Finalizing My Tesla Coil


I have been working on a Tesla coil design for the past month now and am
about ready to order the parts.

My main questions:

-Are there any issues with my design?
-Is it OK to have a toroid and a sphere as the top load? I am only doing
this because these two pieces equal the required capacitance level of
around 29pF (see the TeslaMap image for more info).
-I was planning on creating a vacuum static spark gap by putting the
electrodes inside a PVC pipe sealed with rubber sheets and lexan board. The
vacuum pump would suck out the air to limit resistance caused by the air,
lessen ozone production, and reduce noise. Does this sound like a good idea?

I have added a 3D render of my design and a filled out TeslaMap page. I
will be phasing two NSTs to achieve the right amperage. Check the TeslaMap
attachment for more specific specs.

3D render link: http://s13.postimg.org/q9tpxzsjb/Tesla_Coil.jpg
TeslaMap link: http://s9.postimg.org/t0ss08wmn/Tesla_Map_Page.jpg

Here is my parts list:

Secondary Coil6.625" PVC Pipe 3'22 AWG Magnet Wire 5lbs wound 34" highToroid
18" x 4.5" + Sphere 7" diameterPrimary Coil3/8" Copper Tubing 60' 11 turns1/2"
Copper tubing 10' strike railBase(2X) 15 KVA 60mA Transformer(2X) 1" Brass
72 Capacitors (.15uF 2kV each) 4 strings of 18(2X) Brass Bolt

Kuba Anglin
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