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Re: [TCML] Whre are tesla coils used today?

On 2/14/14 10:02 PM, jhowson4@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> > Matthew, I once saw a mass spectrometer in which the worker told me
> > had a Tesla coil in its guts.

> More likely a HV power supply, and if the mass spec is relatively new,
> that HVPS is a switcher, but unlikely it's an air core transformer. In
> commercial gear, efficiency is important, and that tends to push you
> to tight coupling, often with a core.

     Which raises the question:
       What defines a Tesla Coil?

     Commonly: an air core, resonant, RF transformer based

     Tesla Experimented with 'iron' core coils...

     Modern workers routinely use non spark gap drivers
     and have experimented with VHF frequencies.

     I have proposed that the classic (now obsolete)
     gas engine ignition system is a form of
     Tesla Coil, with a steel core.  I admit to
     not checking for resonance....  8)>>

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