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Re: [TCML] coin shrinking

For a detailed look at how we shrink quarters (from the hardware side) you
guys may want a look at this.

Here's the first night of real operation.

Here's early testing and development.
and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=02jvn2auLyY

For comparison, here's Thumper http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K85W3JeOUPs
note that we DO NOT have any manner of reversal protection on the discharge.
Thumper has been in daily demonstration and lab use for nearly a decade,
thousands of discharges, and has never had a capacitor fail. We've replaced
exactly ONE cap just because it looked slightly different than the others.
It still held to spec.

Enjoy. :)

In related news, we're painting the new High Energy Physics lab here, High
Voltage gets remodeled next. The new headquarters is slated to be officially
open to the public by the end of this year. EVERY member of the TCML is
welcome to come check out the lab. There are a handful of people on here
with a large-scale High Voltage lab, ours is the only HV Lab in the world
that is actually OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. That means that YOU are welcome to come
here and tinker, learn, create, explore and BUILD fun and interesting toys
of your own. It's what we've spent the past 20 years developing. Come check
it out. :) More info at www.thegeekgroup.org

Christopher Boden
President, C.E.O.
The Geek Group
We Build Awesome!

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On 10/27/13 10:51 AM, pterren@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Take the simpler and easier case of can crushing first.
> Electrolytics will discharge in milli seconds but you need microseconds.
> Sam Barros (Powerlabs) used 3 kJ of electrolytics and could give some
> waist to the can only.
> http://www.powerlabs.org/pssecc.htm
> Proper pulse caps with 1.5 kJ will tear the can in half easily and shoot
> the ends many feet.
> http://tesladownunder.com/CanCrushing.htm#CanCrusher2.
> You need puck diodes to catch EMF and even then they may blow. I blew
> mine at 15 kA.
> For coin shrinking, you need much greater energies and I think you
> really need pulse caps to do that which don't have the same problems
> with reverse voltage.
> It took me 5 kJ to shrink a coin.

I disconnect the charging supply during the discharge, and use pulse 
caps which can take the huge (potential) voltage reversal.

I had started doing some exploding wires and leaving the charging supply 
connected, but after destroying a handful of diodes, I figured, it's not 
worth it.  Build it tough and simple and be happy.
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