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Re: [TCML] coin shrinking

On 10/27/13 10:51 AM, pterren@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Take the simpler and easier case of can crushing first.
Electrolytics will discharge in milli seconds but you need microseconds.
Sam Barros (Powerlabs) used 3 kJ of electrolytics and could give some
waist to the can only.
Proper pulse caps with 1.5 kJ will tear the can in half easily and shoot
the ends many feet.

You need puck diodes to catch EMF and even then they may blow. I blew
mine at 15 kA.

For coin shrinking, you need much greater energies and I think you
really need pulse caps to do that which don't have the same problems
with reverse voltage.
It took me 5 kJ to shrink a coin.

I disconnect the charging supply during the discharge, and use pulse caps which can take the huge (potential) voltage reversal.

I had started doing some exploding wires and leaving the charging supply connected, but after destroying a handful of diodes, I figured, it's not worth it. Build it tough and simple and be happy.
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