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[TCML] Advice for my first SGTC

Hi guys,

I'm new to this list, decided to join to get some advice before building my
first SGTC. It will use a voltage doubled dual-MOT supply similar to this
one <http://www.capturedlightning.org/hot-streamer/greg/Mark_III.htm>. I
know NSTs are safer but they're rare around here and I'd really like to
achieve 1m arcs :)

First thing I need to figure out are the caps, since they're the most
expensive component...
I don't have much of a budget, which is why I'm inclined to use salt water
caps. I've already got 30 of
beer bottles and I can get more of them for free. Do you guys think
these bottles will work fine?
Another option would be making an MMC out of
They are pretty cheap and 2 packs of 90 should give me 76.5nF@16kV. Would
they work?

Sorry for the long post.. hope some day I'll be able to contribute back to
the list!


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