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RE: [TCML] Tuning primary to secondary with a scope

To scope the secondary I just remove the RF earth and feed the signal into
the base and use a probe as an aerial, as far away as you can pick it up
still. Even then if someone walks past [say] 8 foot away on a medium sized
coil, you can see the effect on the scope.

There is a difference in the results gained between scoping them separately
(probably the correct manner) or with both sitting in situ on the coil, but
only around two or three  kilohertz, I find on mine. As Gary states it's
best to learn doing them separately, first of all, to avoid possible


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I don't think that you want a direct connection of the scope to the
secondary, as the capacitance of the scope and probe will significantly
alter the resonant frequency of the secondary.

Also, the primary and secondary circuits need to be tested individually, in
a way that avoids coupling between them.  Strange things occur when they're
allowed to couple, making it hard to know what's going on.

Regards, Gary Lau

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