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[TCML] Tesla Coil items for give away

Hi All,

Alas, my coiling days are done.  So I'm giving away everything for free to someone who will use it for coiling or other related HV hobbies (i.e., not turn around and sell it).  This is basically a package deal -- you take everything.  If you end up throwing some of it away or giving it away, that's fine.

Partial List:

3 x 15kV 60mA Franceformer NSTs.  Model 15060 P -- these are the big heavy ones without GFI.  In quite good shape and in parallel nicely drove a mid size coil.
6" secondary (fully wound and coated)
4" secondary (fully wound and coated)
matching primaries for both secondaries
several sets of MMC style caps with safety resistors (used with coils above)
rectifier/diode set from x-ray machine
misc other coil related parts (toroid, spark gaps, etc)

Some pics at: http://www.finalwrap.com/teslacoilweb/

Whoever wants it will need to pick it up in the Columbus, OH area and sign a liability waiver.  I'm giving it away in hopes that it will continue to be put to good use rather than just sit unused in my house.

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