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Re: [TCML] LMD Frequency

On 3/13/12 3:01 PM, Jim Houx wrote:
Anyway moving on to real science per the work of Nikola Tesla.  LMD means
Longitudinal Magneto Dielectric wave.

That's a sort of non-standard term. What is it in terms of conventional Maxwell's equation sort of electromagnetics?

It is the wave which propagates
through capacitors.  Its the reason capacitors pass AC and not DC.

I'm not sure that current flow through capacitors is particularly a "wave" phenomenon (in that the wave equation comes into it with second partials with respect to displacement or time)

also the wave which traverses between conductors in a  Tesla coil.  Real
science has proven that all the same effects a Tesla coil makes can be
achieved by capacitors in series since a Tesla coil behaves so similar.

One wants to make sure that one is not using odd or esoteric terminology to describe conventional circuit theory for coupled resonant circuits. Perhaps you could describe what you're interested in in terms of conventional Ls and Cs?

Tesla coils actually have two main resonant frequencies.  Evidently no one
here is aware of that.  The frequency observed on an oscilloscope is the
Transverse Magneto Electric wave.

Well.. what they typically have is a two coupled resonators where the resonant frequencies are slightly different or which are loosely coupled (which means that there is a "beat" phenomenon in the energy stored in the primary or secondary).

That falls out of standard coupled resonator theory, so nothing special is needed, tesla or otherwise.

I figured you boys ought to know what an LMD wave is since you build Tesla

Do you even know the difference between a dielectric field and a magnetic

Oh, I think most people on the list are familiar with the differences between electric and magnetic fields.

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