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[TCML] Tesla Stage Show

Hi Everyone,
Today tickets went on sale for: "Nikola Tesla - Man of Lightning - Live Electrical Stage Show"
There are 3 shows scheduled for Memorial Day weekend at the Big Bear Lake Performing Arts Center in Southern California.
It is reserved seating so the best seats will be selling first.
"This very entertaining and enlightening show staring Owen Phairis and Katherine Frese is on the life of Nikola Tesla and consists of many demonstrations of high voltage electrical apparatus created by Tesla in his laboratory and later used by the motion picture industry in movies like 'Frankenstein.' The show takes place in 1939 and Tesla is 83 years old as he chronicles his life and times. Tesla also talks about and demonstrates some of his many inventions and discusses his contributions to humanity. Tesla also brings up the future and what might have been. The show concludes with a spectacular display and live demonstration of over one million volts of man-made artificial lightning and is reminiscent of the legendary lectures and demonstrations given by Tesla in the 1890s. This show has been engineered for all ages to enjoy and covers many of the more interesting and exciting aspects of this visonary genius and prolific inventor that changed our world."
There will be a large aray of electrical demonstrations which will be sure to please members of this list.
For more information please visit:  http://www.pictorialism.com/tesla.html 
Hope to see you there.
Owen Phairis, Director
Planetarium Projector and Science Museum
Big Bear Lake, CA
(909) 806-5698
ophairis@xxxxxxxxxxx   		 	   		  _______________________________________________
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