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[TCML] How to host photos and other attachments

Folks, I'm wearing my TCML moderator's hat now.

As most of you know, the TCML does not and cannot support attached photos
and other attachments.  This is mentioned in the posting guidelines and in
the monthly minder.  But still, the moderators frequently need to reject
posts because there are attached photos.  Please understand - even if we
were to accept the post, the List software would strip all attachments
before sending it out.  It's just not an option we have any control over.

The posting guidelines at http://www.pupman.com/policy.html suggests using
a file hosting service named drop.io.  However, that site no longer

I'd like to open a discussion of what other file and photo hosting service
we should recommend to subscribers wishing to share a photo (or video).
Drop.io was nice because you didn't have to create an account.  I don't
know if that's an option elsewhere.  I often see posters using Flickr.com,
but I've never used that.  What's other's experience, in terms of being
easy to use?

Thanks, Gary
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