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Re: [TCML] Low power coil means physically small coil ?

On 6/26/12 1:53 PM, Gerekos Christopher wrote:

I'm currently building a low-power Tesla coil, with the NST delivering 6kV,
25mA. At the moment, only the capacitors have been mounted (20 nF).
Following how I plan to build my Tesla coil, I see that its resonant
frequency will be around 290 kHz.

which is fine...

On many websites, I saw that such low-power coils are physically small,
which implies their resonant frequency is high. Is there a specific reason
for that ?

yes.. the capacitance of the secondary coil and top load are small, and you have fewer turns on the secondary, so the inductance is low.. both push the frequency up.

Then, you want the primary capacitor small enough to be charged fully by a low power power supply, the primary L will be small so it will have low inductance.

If a low-power coil is physically larger, will its performances
be lower ?

That's a complex question.. a very large coil won't have enough energy to get the voltage on the secondary high enough to support spark growth.

 And at which extent does the resonant frequency play a role in
arc length ?

That's an even more complex question.

Thank you in advance.

With kind regards,

Chris Gerekos.
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