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I've experienced the same ever year when I run my coil outside during
Halloween.  Currently, the coil I'm using has about a 1/4 inch of epoxy
coating the surface.  Even after 1/2 hour or more after a Halloween run, the
static build-up on the surface of the coil can be startling, if you are not
prepared.  This happens year after year, and is independent of what coil I
happen to run.  I always find it a bit odd, given that the humidity around
Washington DC is usually fairly high.  I would expect the charge to bleed
off quickly.

I always wanted to know if it was always the same polarity or if it was a
positive or negative charge.  Possibly more important, why is there a
residual parasitic charge?  I speculate that it is due to the fact that the
Earth is charged with respect to the ionosphere, though I suppose that it
could also be a residual parasitic charge resulting from coronal
rectification, whatever that is.  I also wonder if other people experience
the same when they run coils indoors, or is this just something that happens
when outside?


On 6/3/12 5:09 PM, "Tesla" <tesla@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Yes a real phenomenon
> Have received one good fright from static left on the surface of the
> secondary after use. Left coil for 10 min before disassembly and got a
> static shock off it after carrying it.
> Secondary is coated with polyurethane and is on 25 cm PVC tube
> ted in NZ
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> One of the subjects he
> investigated was the charges left in the insulation on the surface of
> TC's after operation and I'd like to repeat his tests.
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