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Re: [TCML] Ozone Generation

Now, isn't that a bit crude Allen?
"and kill the cause of the stink"
I'm gonna call the RSPCA on you ;)


2012/6/1 Co60bishop <co60bishop@xxxxxxx>

> I'm sorry but I have to weigh in on this. High ozone levels are very
> dangerous to your lungs. I had my lungs burned by high levels of ozone
> which caused "chemically induced bronchitis" which caused me to be horibaly
> sick and off work for a week. For the next 20 years I suffered chronic
> bronchitis requiring antibiotics 2 to 5 times a year. I grew tolerant of
> several different antibiotics. Your best bet is clean and kill the cause of
> the stink and if you still want some safe ozone for air freshening get an
> ionizing air cleaner. Please don't find out the hard way the dangers of
> high levels of ionized oxygen.
> Allen Bishop
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> Subject: [TCML] Ozone Generation
> I have lingering pet odors in a room that I need to eliminate and
> esearch indicates that ozone might do the trick.  I found hundreds
> f companies that sell or rent ozone generators for this purpose but
> t occurred to me that I might be able to use my large DRSTC to
> roduce ozone in large quantities.  For this application I assume
> hat I need lots of little sparks rather than big power arcs so I'm
> ooking for suggestions from the list.  My idea was to place a large
> iece of copper window screen on top of the toroid extending beyond
> he radius of the toroid, or to eliminate the toroid altogether and
> ust use the screen.  Any ideas?
> Dave
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