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Re: [TCML] ID an unknown transfomer

On 7/24/12 6:14 PM, mrapol@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
I just acquired an unidentified coil type transformer on eBay:


almost certainly some form of ignition coil.

most coils have about 100:1 turns ratio between secondary:primary.. you could put 1V AC RMS on the primary and see.

I understand how to use it, but I don't know what it was made for. The
only markings it has are "MADE IN U.S.A.". It's covered in black
phenolic resin and generally resembles a car ignition coil, with two
inputs (labeled + and - ) and a single high voltage output. There are
two molded in attachment points. Is this perhaps an ignition coil for
some long extinct model of car, or is it some kind of radio-related
hardware? The seller deals in radio equipment, but he has no idea where
this came from or when it was made.

I hooked this up to a dimmer switch/motor run capacitor combo and got
really intense arcs.

Any ideas out there?

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